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The internet's e-wife.
Sooo I listened to radha's ColourHaze song twice and of course it came up on my youtube suggestions... I scrolled down and found this
Breddy gud
Colour Haze is an awesome mood band I highly reccommemd them, Kyuss and Elder if you smoother hippie metal. Kyuss is a lil heavier n Elder is a lil more uhhh, estorix

You might like Guapa or Brian Jonestone Massacre. Both have a psychelic 70s revival rock vibe but they help you tune out too. Guapa I blast or Black Mountain when im doing a photoshoot



The internet's e-wife.
This is my favorite song of all time.
Yeah, when I first played that periscope song I thought it sounded like Kyuss... heavy bass, cool acid lead
P.S. "someone's on ignore"
Its better that way. Trust me.

Yeah @GroyperSupreme said some of that stuff (Black Mountain) was similar to Floyd. I love Floyd but i didnt connect it until it was pointed out to me.
The beauty of having a tin ear lol.
Ive always wanted to see that Floyd cover band that does the laser light show, just cuz of this stuff
They used to do a laser show at the OregonMuseumofScienceandIndustry planetarium with recorded music, and a hemispheric sky-screen... I went a couple times, high as a kite on psilocybin cyanescens... We thought we were pretty fookin' cool in 1980
When all my highskool buddies rented an R.V. and went to Pink Floyd in Vancouver and I had to work, massive butthurt was felt.
Did have backstage passes to Live Aid in Philadelphia in '85, tho... met Rob Halford, stayed at FourSeasons where a huge party encompassed an entire floor... Mick Jagger was there, but of course I couldn't get near him...
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