The Penis Straightener: Now Available in Australia

A woman who reportedly burned her boyfriend’s penis with hair straighteners as an agreed punishment for cheating on her has received a suspended jail sentence.
Bronwyn Joy Parker, 22, from Mount Baker, Australia, pleaded guilty to giving her boyfriend's genitalia third degree burns, NT News reported.
District Court Judge Paul Muscat said: “His penis will be scarred for life and he will suffer from a number of issues, including the proper function of his penis, not to mention the cosmetic and psychological problems associated with the scarring to such a sensitive site.”

He added that Parker’s crime was one of the “most unusual” he had ever encountered.

Parker had applied the hair straighteners for only a few seconds, telling police she thought it would feel like sunburn.
She said: “To start off with, it looked brown around the outside and it didn’t look too bad. It just looked like a cooked piece of meat.”
The victim suffered third degree burns to each side of the shaft of his penis requiring treatment in the Burns Unit of the Royal Adelaide Hospital.
The court heard that the pair met over Facebook and had a tumultuous relationship.
“You regularly abused him, including physically, if you suspected, or, if he admitted to being unfaithful to you,” said Judge Muscat.
“You were particularly jealous of his association with his ex-girlfriend.”
The troubled relationship reached a stage where the couple agreed that if the victim did ever cheat on her, he would let her burn his testicles with the hair straighteners.
After discovering that her boyfriend spent two nights with his ex-girlfriend and had sex with her, “you reminded him of his promise to you," Judge Muscat said.
“He asked you 'What about it?' referring to the promise he had previously made.”
”You told him to remove his penis from his shorts, which he did.”
“He said that you could 'tap it' with the straighteners after he removed his penis.
“You took his penis in your hand and then, with the other, you placed the straighteners on either side of the shaft of his penis before squeezing them momentarily."

The victim's penis following the incident was described as “swollen, blistering and pussy and black in colour”.
Parker pleaded guilty to recklessly causing serious harm and was given a suspended jail sentence of nine months.
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