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Haven't watched it but critics already slam the typically pretentious clusterfuck of a plot that apparently moves at a snail's pace. Probably a rehashed version of Inception made by the same overrated director.
I would wait for a torrent release, which shouldn't take too long to come out.
A few more details? I need more than just 'good' to be convinced.
lol, on old EDF i would post one sentence reviews.

But I'll give you some details.

First, the movie is pure genius. You'll have to buy multiple tickets to see it in order to understand it, so that is brilliant on it's own right. If you think inception was confusing, this is 10x in order of magnitude more so.

Now for the movie itself.

It is more like a 007 movie than anything else.

The premise is the Protagonist (his only name in the movie) is an intelligence officer recruited to work for tenet (ten and ten backwards "ten net", the movie has other names that are inverted), an organization that is trying to stop the end of the world.

It seems in the future they discover how to reverse entropy via some machine than inverts you. Some rules apply, like you can't "breathe" inverted air or if you get hit by an inverted bullet it's a death sentence.

So as the movie progresses you realize the protagonist has been fighting inverted versions of the enemy and even themselves (although not intentionally). So in the middle of the movie, they are going backwards toward the beginning of the movie. There is then a climatic fight scene were you have two teams of soldiers (one inverted and one regular) fighting in a ten minute interval (ten-net). That is the part of the trailer were you see a building blown up, reassembled, and blown up again.

The future earth wants to rebuild the world, (something about oceans rising, rivers drying - global warming shit but they don't go in detail). So, although they can invert time they cannot dominate time (the past still determines the future). A scientist figured out an algorithm that could be used to allow the future to change the past, but that would destroy the past Earth. Future Earth doesn't give a shit because they believe that the grandfather paradox won't affect them, that they will continue to exist. The scientist (who is not shown) splits and sends the algorithm into 9 pieces where (i'm lost here) it gets into nuclear weapons facilities which is supposed to be the most secure places on Earth.

Future Earth uses a time capsule which is inverted, knowing it will be discovered in the future by the Villain. The Villain finds the capsule with directions, and is able to do make himself rich and use dead drops to send the algorithm to the future by putting it in a place that will be unrecoverable except those in the future. The Villain doesn't care that Earth will be destroyed because he is dying of cancer and wants to take him and his wife (who has jungle fever with the main Protagonist) with him. In fact, they invert time in order to save the woman which is when you discover some scenes they were fighting against themselves (but didn't know it because they were wearing masks). The Villain cannot be killed because he has a heart monitor that will automatically beam the algorithm to the future (why he needed to bury it then doesn't make sense, either I am missing something or this is movie logic). To me that is the most weakest part of the story, and the same shit happened in interstellar where the ending is kinda fucked in the logic department.
why would i go see it when i can just download it ?

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Movie scores are big, especially in Nolan movies. I saw Interstellar on I‐Max, many people regret not doing so. You don't get the same effect.

Now that reminds me. Nolan movies often have the music loud, and this is the worst one. Its hard to hear what the characters are saying. One cool thing in the end battle they play the music in reverse whenever they show the inverted team.
I’ve heard that the movie has an interesting (albeit confusing) premise. However, I’ve also heard that the audio is all kinds of messed up. Apparently, the music is WAY too loud and the dialogue is often mumbled and difficult to decipher.

Nolan is a pro and should’ve corrected audio issues in the editing room.

But clearly the biggest, most intractable and utterly absurd problem is with the casting of the lead role. Yes, it’s yet another case of a Magical Negro leading the way for poor hapless Whitey.
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