GoDaddy site take down notice

A faggot named Mark decided to post Child Porn in a thread called "ITT post your gay porn".

He has been banned, the thread removed, and his IPs identified.

This was brought to my attention via an email from GoDaddy.

What surprised me is the content was posted 1 September.

Most people would not even click on a thread like this, so I understand why it flew under the radar.

I believe the individual might be looking to take down the site by posting shit like this. and then self reporting it.

Please do your part by identifying these assholes and posts. If not, we will wake up one day with the domain seized.
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Lol I've never seen CP in my life though there's been times like this (I entered that thread one time back when there was only 1 page in that thread and got bored immediately) where I've been remarkably close to it.

Once at my local gamestore that specialized in retro games there was a PS2 game that was banned for having CP that was on sale. But I chose not to buy it.

Back in 2017 before Zaiger betrayed us I remember seeing anonimgur and I was gonna consider using it one day (but I didn't because I was busy with other stuff) but I didn't know it had CP before I saw Zaiger's post betrayal article.
I have to do my part too. Probably a good idea to check images in the Admin Control Panel to see what was uploaded on a weekly basis.
I recall seeing that thread. I just remember seeing twinks however, maybe I didn't scroll far enough
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