$3.5 Billion in Reparations

Zimbabwe has agreed to pay $3.5 billion in compensation for white farmers who had their land expropriated during a government sponsored land grab enacted to pursue reparations for colonial rule.
The Zimbabwe government has signaled its intention to compensate the dispossessed white farmers an eye-watering total of $3.5 billion (USD) in an effort to mend fractured relationships with the west as the country was plunged in decades-long economic turmoil as a result of their agrarian reform.

Around two decades ago, President Robert Mugabe’s controversial administration seized land from 4,500 white farmer’s families and redistributed it among 300,000 black families. Consequently, economic woes rocked the Southern African nation leading to mass starvation and unprecedented levels of hyperinflation.

The former bread basket of Africa does not currently have the funds, and the compensation agreement will be met in the form of bonds and the loans from third parties to redress the balance.

According to Reuters, white farmers are planned to receive 50% within the first year and for the remaining balance to be cleared within five years.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s agreement clarifies that the white farmers will not be recompensed for the land itself, but for the infrastructure in its stead.

What compensation would be disseminated among the white farmers and their descendants–given the period of time to elapse between the expropriations and today–was left unclear.

Mugabe’s government accused Western countries of punishing Zimbabwe by imposing economic sanctioned, further deepening the country’s economic woes.

The issue of land reform still divides the country today. Some argue that, in spite of economic paralysis, land redistribution empowers black farmers.

Neighbors South Africa appear to be toying with similarly divisive rhetoric as the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party spouts violent propaganda baiting white farmers with bloody expropriation at a time where white farmers are slaughtered on a regular basis.

Earlier this month, National File reported on a bizarre pronouncement from a Vice President, Kembo Mohadi, who blamed white people for failing to teach the succeeding black administrations on how to run an economy.
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From wikipedia:Economist Robert Browne stated the ultimate goal of reparations should be to "restore the black community to the economic position it would have if it had not been subjected to slavery and discrimination". [15] He estimates a fair reparation value anywhere between $1.4 to $4.7 trillion, or roughly $142,000 (equivalent to $153,000 in 2019) for every black American living today.[15] Other estimates range from $5.7 to $14.2[16] and $17.1 trillion.
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It's just amazing they can blame inequality on someone else, then kick them out, and them blame the same people they kicked out for their failure. What kind of fucktardary is that.
Meanwhile in Zambia


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Pls come back and buuild more farms we promise not to steal them.
IF this ploy doesn't work they can try offering 2 free n word passes to each white farmer on return.
Pls come back and buuild more farms we promise not to steal them.
IF this ploy doesn't work they can try offering 2 free n word passes to each white farmer on return.
personally dont see it working, zimbabwe straight up admits there's no way they can afford that kind of pay off. they'll have to offer 4 free n word passes.
I dont see how thats relevant seeing as the number was 3.5B USD
I thought I read usd in the post, but itis funny to joke around about
"Teh Million Dolla Billz"
My real question, tho, while admittedly not connected to Zimbabwe, is if the new democratic administration in the U.S. agrees to pay reparations to black descendants of slaves,will the
resulting inflation and increased strain on an economy that is already running 22 or 23 trillion dollar deficits, along with china, russia, etc. dumping the dollar as the preferred world currency, about to "break the camel's back"? Asking for a fren
imo, china's got the best plan of action regarding africa; subjugation.

and/or completely stripping the continent of it's valuable resources.
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