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IMF/WEF: It's Time For A Great Reset
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COVID-19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable. To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism. ... Clearly, the will to build a better society does exist. We must use it to secure the Great Reset that we so badly need. That will require stronger and more effective governments, though this does not imply an ideological push for bigger ones. And it will demand private-sector engagement every step of the...
Drumpf Temporarily Halts H1B and L1 Visas, Tech Companies Kvetch
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Tech leaders have criticized President Donald Drumpf's latest immigration crackdown on the visa programs that their companies rely on to employ thousands of staff. Drumpf signed an executive order on Monday that suspends foreign work visas including the L-1 visa that allows firms to transfer staff from overseas offices and the H-1B visa that enables companies to hire highly skilled people in certain fields. Google's Sundar Pichai, YouTube's Susan Wojcicki and Tesla's Elon Musk were quick to condemn the restrictions, as were representatives from Amazon, Facebook and Twitter. "Immigration has contributed immensely to America's economic success, making it a global leader in tech, and also Google the company it is today," Pichai said via Twitter. "Disappointed by today's proclamation — we'll continue to stand with immigrants and work to expand opportunity for all." Apple CEO Tim Cook said via Twitter: "Like Apple, this nation of immigrants has always found strength in our...

ANTIFA goon attacks man with a skateboard and knife, gets lead injection

Kool Kids Klub Takes Dog For Walk

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Charles Michael Booth, 50, was identified by police as the man spotted Friday in Conover drinking a beer and waving at cars as he sported the KKK regalia while walking his dog. Vilas County Sheriff Joseph Fath told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel his office received multiple calls about the man Friday evening. Fath said that police responded and Booth told them he was 'just taking his dog for a walk'. He added that Booth was not committing any crimes
Indian and Chinese soldiers face off old school style
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Three Indian soldiers were killed in a “violent faceoff” with Chinese troops on the disputed border, the Indian Army said on Tuesday, reporting the first casualties in 53 years to result from a clash between the nuclear-armed neighbors. Indian government sources said no shots were fired but a physical fight broke out between the two sides with soldiers using batons and throwing stones, which resulted in the casualties. China blamed India for the clash on Monday and editor of the government-controlled Global Times said the Chinese military had also suffered casualties. India and China have been locked in a standoff in the Galwan valley in western Himalayas for weeks with both accusing each other of trespassing into the other’s territory. Talks to pull back hundreds of troops deployed in the remote region have been held over the last ten days but no breakthrough had emerged. “During the de-escalation process underway in the Galwan Valley, a violent face-off took place...
NoKo going LoKo
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They just blew up the North-South joint liason building in NK I love 2020
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