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The FBI raided Jake Paul’s home as part of an investigation into a mall ‘riot’
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The Federal Bureau of Investigation raided the California home of YouTube star Jake Paul this morning, according to TMZ and CBSLA. Agents removed several objects that looked like firearms from Paul’s home, ABC7 reported. The bureau is investigating “allegations of criminal acts” surrounding an incident at an Arizona mall in May, a spokesperson for the FBI’s Phoenix office told The Verge. A second location, in Las Vegas, Nevada, was also raided today in connection with the investigation. TMZ says the home is owned by Arman Izadi, a friend of Paul who was also connected to the incident at the mall. Police in Scottsdale, Arizona previously called the incident in the mall a “riot.” The FBI appears to have taken over the investigation into the events at the Scottsdale Fashion Square mall. Scottsdale police filed misdemeanor charges against Jake Paul in June for his alleged involvement. Arman Izadi — as well as a third person, Andrew Leon — received misdemeanor charges as well. A...

Changing Domains

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Sometime around Sunday night, I will be changing the domain name back to (8/9/2020), for conformity purposes. This change should be relatively painless, but the site will be down for about an hour at least. Let me know ITT if you have any last minute changes I should implement on the site. Remember to clear your ad blocker to see our awesome banners.
How the Alleged Twitter Hackers Got Caught
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ON JULY 15, a Discord user with the handle Kirk#5270 made an enticing proposition. “I work for Twitter,” they said, according to court documents released Friday. “I can claim any name, let me know if you’re trying to work.” It was the beginning of what would, a few hours later, turn into the biggest known Twitter hack of all time. A little over two weeks later, three individuals have been charged in connection with the heists of accounts belonging to Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Apple, and more—along with nearly $120,000 in bitcoin. Friday afternoon, after an investigation that included the FBI, IRS, and Secret Service, the Department of Justice charged UK resident Mason Sheppard and Nima Fazeli, of Orlando, Florida in connection with the Twitter hack. A 17-year-old, Graham Ivan Clark, was charged separately with 30 felonies in Hillsborough County, Florida, including 17 counts of communications fraud. Together, the criminal complaints filed in the cases offer a detailed...
Nazis Shop At Walmart
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ATrump-supporting couple who wore Nazi flag face coverings while shopping at a Walmart in Minnesota have been banned from the company's stores after a video of the incident went viral. The video, posted on Facebook by Raphaela Mueller, shows the unidentified couple going through the checkout lane of a Walmart store in Marshall, Minnesota on Saturday—the first day of the state's mask mandate to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Mueller told The Minnesota Reformer that she and her partner, Benjamin Ruesch, confronted the couple while she filmed the incident. Edit, since this is going much further than I thought it would (and the trolls and haters are starting to roll in): I was born and raised in Germany, and I grew up hearing about my great-grandmother who fought in the underground against the first wave of Nazis in the 1930s and 40s. Let me make this abundantly clear once and for all - THE SWASTIKA IS A HATE SYMBOL AND YOU DO NOT FLY THE FLAG, YOU DO NOT WEAR THE SYMBOL...
$3.5 Billion in Reparations
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Zimbabwe has agreed to pay $3.5 billion in compensation for white farmers who had their land expropriated during a government sponsored land grab enacted to pursue reparations for colonial rule. The Zimbabwe government has signaled its intention to compensate the dispossessed white farmers an eye-watering total of $3.5 billion (USD) in an effort to mend fractured relationships with the west as the country was plunged in decades-long economic turmoil as a result of their agrarian reform. Around two decades ago, President Robert Mugabe’s controversial administration seized land from 4,500 white farmer’s families and redistributed it among 300,000 black families. Consequently, economic woes rocked the Southern African nation leading to mass starvation and unprecedented levels of hyperinflation. The former bread basket of Africa does not currently have the funds, and the compensation agreement will be met in the form of bonds and the loans from third parties to redress the balance...
GTA VI: San Pajeczno
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Police in central Poland responded to a late evening call over an incident that surely sent chills down the spines of Russophobe conspiracy theorists: a T-55 tank rampaging down the main street. When police arrived at the scene in the town of Pajeczno on Thursday night, they found the Soviet-era tank casually parked on a central roadway with its two occupants nearby, one of whom was an intoxicated 49-year-old man who had been in the driver seat. As it turns out, he had been authorized to drive the vehicle – although his superiors presumably only wanted him to move it off and on the damaged trailer on which it was being transported, rather than driving it through the city center. They also likely expected him to remain sober while operating the 36-ton armored combat vehicle. To make matters worse, local media report that there was no insurance policy on the tank. Police were unable to get the tank off the street and onto a trailer until 5am. The bulletproof joyride could cost the...
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